Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

LOCAL DATA is the key to better yields!

Better data is relevant to your region, your farm, and your soil. SciMax Solutions, a division of MaxYield Cooperative, specializes in Big, LOCAL Data. Our Solutions Specialists work with you to customize a plan for your specific farm, using the knowledge gathered from more than 550,000 local acres and 400 layers of agronomic data.

Find out how your data becomes better data!


  • Learning Group
  • Sampling
  • VR Planting
  • Nitrogen

Learning Groups

SciMax.WDM.mtg.Feb2014.crowd.shot.6-1 cmopLearning Groups serve as the key resource for introducing new precision farming concepts. Most importantly, they provide the synergy that can only be found when interacting with like-minded farmers who are driven to make the most of every acre.

Information Management

20140128_maxyield_137 (1024x681)Farming has moved beyond the days of plowing, planting, and fertilizing. To maximize yield potential, you’ve got to utilize soil science, planting variables, and the right nutrients including nitrogen. Our Solutions will help you make informed management decisions to increase your yields and profits.


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