Information Management to Maximize Your Yields


92% of our tissue tests find deficient levels of zinc in corn – are your fields lacking in key micronutrients?

SciMax Foliar is your source for managing the critical micronutrients for healthier, more productive crops

Zinc is just one of the critical micronutrients for maximizing crop growth. Micronutrients are often neglected, but they are essential to make crops stronger and better able to live through a number of stressful conditions including drought, flood and freeze.

Add value to your investment

Getting the most from your investment starts with knowing if your crop has the critical micronutrients. Have you ever just listened to what your crops are telling you? SciMax Foliar Solutions starts with a tissue test. We then combine the tissue test with soil grids to determine the right amount of micronutrients your crops need at different plant cycles.

Put our experts to work for you

SciMax Solutions has an exclusive agreement with Dr. Rick Vanden Heuvel, a nationally recognized expert in soil-applied and foliar fertilizer products and testing. The research that SciMax Solutions does each year supplies powerful data that help make our recommendations that much better by evaluating products, rates, and timing of key micronutrients. When you choose SciMax Foliar Solutions, you receive the leading-edge science and technology solutions for maximizing your precision farming investment.

Get started in increasing your yields with advanced micronutrient management from SciMax Foliar Solutions. Contact your SciMax Solutions Advisory Team Member today.