Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Learning Group

Increased yields – increased profits start with the SciMax Solutions Learning Group

Sci.Max.Dr.Below.mtg.Dec.5.2013.1 compThe days of “plant the seed, fertilize the soil, and harvest the crop” are long gone. To succeed in farming today, you’ve got to think like a CEO. Sharing information and insights with your forward thinking peers helps you do just that, and creates a synergy that will take your farm management skills to a whole new level.

The SciMax Learning Group is your source for introducing leading-edge precision farming concepts. Combined with expert guidance from the SciMax Solutions Specialists, you’ll have the innovative resources you need to increase your yields and profits.

Make your data work for you

GPS technology has increased the amount of your available farm data exponentially. How do you make sense of all those reams of data, notebooks full of maps, and computer hard drives full of files? SciMax Learning Group members work with each other and our SciMax Solutions Specialists to create innovative action plans that make the science work for you.

“Big data” becomes relevant local data with our complete analysis that features these comprehensive reports:

Field reports –relevant data analysis based on each individual field
Grower reports – each individual field is put together and summarized over the entire operation
Group data – analysis from a regional basis that deliver more local insights and not research from farms hundreds of miles away

Get $53 dollars per acre in value for only $5 per acre

We promise we’re not selling snake oil here. A recent survey of our clients revealed that our SciMax Solutions Learning Group and solutions focused action plans are worth $53 acre to those farmers from their perspective. You can join the SciMax Solutions Learning Group for only $5 per acre.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a SciMax Solutions Learning Group member:

  1. Large group meetings where you engage with other SciMax Learning Group members, sharing your farming management experiences.
  2. Ten contacts throughout the year with your SciMax Solutions Specialist. • Fertilizer Planning (Late Summer)
  3. Three primary planning meetings with your SciMax Solutions Specialist to complete:
    • Fertilizer Planning (Late Summer)
    • Crop Year Summary (Late Fall)
    • Variety Placement and VRT Planting (Early Winter)
  4. Yield by Variety” reports immediately following completion of corn and soybean harvest.
  5. Your exclusive username and password connecting you to instant Internet access to all your data and reporting information.

Size doesn’t matter

The size of your farming business makes no difference to us. We can work with any size farm. If you’re asking, “what’s next?” in maximizing your precision farming investment, we’ll help you find the answers.

Get started on increasing your yields and your profits. Contact a SciMax Solutions Specialist today.