Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Agronomy Update

By Greg Sweeney, MaxYield Seed Team Leader

With more rain this past weekend, some areas still have to complete their Roundup applications due to the continued wet weather.

Application beyond the labeled 48-inch crop height may result in poor kernal set due to injury, not only that but it is illegal. Always read and follow pesticide label directions.

Restrictions for post emergence applications of Roundup:
– From emergence through V8, or until 30 in. height whichever comes first
– Drop nozzles are recommended for optimum spray coverage when corn height is 24 to 30 in.
– For corn 30 to 48 in. apply using ground equipment with drop nozzles to avoid spraying into the whorls
– From emergence through 48 in. apply a total of 64 oz. per ac. with 32 oz. being the maximum that can be applied per application