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Be on the Lookout for Early Season Pests

With cornfields quickly being planted after the April 11th crop insurance date and some before, corn will soon be emerging. This marks the start of a new scouting season and keeping an eye on early season pests, especially black cutworms.

Black cutworms don’t over winter in Iowa, but rather rely on south westerly winds to bring them into our region. Scouting should begin for the larvae before 300 growing degree days accumulate after a significant moth catch.

The numbers are low for ISU’s moth traps for the month of April but you can see the number of moths trapped in your county by going to:

Be on the lookout once your corn plants emerge because most cutting occurs within 7-10 days of plant emergence. Pay close attention to the early planted cornfields. Scouting should extend through V4 and done every three days.

The attached map is ISU’s prediction for key ‘cutting’ dates in corn but scouting should begin several days prior to the predicted date for your region.

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