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Farmers Given a C+ in Nitrogen Management

Straight from the Heartland hosted by Pam Fretwell on reported last week the results of a survey from state extension specialists from across the Midwest, giving farmers a C+ for their nitrogen management. They claim farmers can do more to improve this. Since nitrogen has become a greater expense in our crop inputs why not do a better job?

It is important to determine the best system for your farming operation. Keep in mind the 4R’s: right rate, right source, right timing, and right place. Nitrogen is hard to manage due to the greater potential for loss but there are numerous products available to aid in your management. Different application methods can be done to longer delay your N application, but with that comes warmer temps and greater chances for loss.

These methods involve different forms of N: Urea, UAN, and NH3 and it is important to know which forms can lead to volatilization or leaching. The use of nitrogen stabilizers and understanding the science to know when they are useful are also helpful products to include in your system.

 SciMax Nitrogen® is a step in the right direction…

With greater attention to agriculture’s impact on the environment, especially nitrogen management, SciMax Solutions® is leading the way with variable rate nitrogen. SciMax Nitrogen is an industry leading trade secret.

We start with what’s in the soil by using the Illinois Soil Nitrogen Tests (ISNT) along with many other variables that affect nitrogen management.  Dr. Richard Vanden Heuvel, VH Consulting, Inc. then develops a variable rate nitrogen recommendation field by field.

SciMax Nitrogen helps you place your N where it is needed and is a key role in your corn production management. The Iowa state average for nitrogen conversion in corn is 1.25 lbs. N per bushel and the SciMax Nitrogen conversion is 0.85 lbs. N per bushel.  Over the last four years SciMax Nitrogen has made reductions of 20-30 lbs. per acre of nitrogen while maintaining and increasing corn yields.

For more information, contact your SciMax Solutions specialist.