Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Fungicide Applications

Every season, around this time of year, it seems I hear a lot of “they’re done spending money on this crop” or “with the (insert any irregular weather condition here, dry being the current concern) conditions I don’t want to spend another dollar on that acre” in regard to in season applications of fungicide, insecticide, micros, etc…Here’s a clear and simple thought to frame up, or guide your discussion with growers to help them into a different mindset:

If a business decision returns the investment, then that is a sound avenue.  If a treatment, such as fungicide in corn will yield 80 bushels per acre and the untreated check is 68 bushels per acre; is that a solid recommendation?  Easy answer.

SciMax recommends a fungicide along with an insecticide for corn on corn and certain hybrids that respond to this application.  With an average of 5 plus bushels, how can you not?  Keep this thought in mind as you engage in late input decisions, it’s all about ROI, not emotion.