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Impact of Roundup® Resistant Weeds


Weed Resistant Field

Greg Sweeney’s Recent Informative Trip

Greg Sweeney, seed solutions specialist at MaxYield Cooperative, recently took a trip to three states in the South to look at issues with Roundup resistant weeds.  The main purpose was to learn from other people’s mistakes.  As this becomes more of an issue in our area, there is no reason why we should have to go through the same trials and tribulations that someone else already has.


Perspectives from Southern States

In order to see what the fields are like and the problems growers are having in these states, Greg met with experts from the university level, herbicide company representatives, retail sellers, and growers.  There were many similarities between the different viewpoints in how to handle the situation.



Managed Field

Greg’s View

Whether a person believes they have a problem with weed resistance to Roundup or not, they need to treat their fields like they do.  Why?  Because we need to do our best to keep Roundup (and other herbicides) as a viable tool to kill weeds.


Improvement Over the Years

Everyone has seen a picture on the Internet or received one by e-mail of a field overtaken by weeds from the southern U.S.  It was a surprise to see very clean fields on the trip.  The problem is manageable if the correct steps are taken.  It was a great opportunity to visit the area this year because from every perspective people had answers.  Also, it was interesting to see the practices that caused the problem and to realize that we are headed down the exact same path.


* More information to come in upcoming grower meetings*