Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Learning Group Spotlight

This week our spotlight is on Russ Glade, who grew up on his farm and continues to farm the land near Ocheyedan.  Glade is interested in the advancement of precision agriculture and implements it in his farming practices.  Harvest is an enjoyable time for Glade as all of the hard work put in throughout the growing season is finally shown.

A challenge that Glade sees is glyphosate resistance weeds and he sees an upcoming problem as the resistance will increase in a few years.

Along with farming, some of Russ Glade’s hobbies are servicing computers and brewing his own beers.  He built, sells and services computers and has been interested in computers since the Apple II was released.

Brewing beer has also become a hobby for about five years now since receiving a home brew kit.  Glade enjoys brewing many different types of beer including ale and lager beers along with many other varieties.  A special thanks to Russ Glade for being the SciMax Newsletter spotlight.