Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Micro Nutrient and Tissue Testing Meeting

haasSciMax Solutions with the help of Winfield Solutions hosted two Tissue Testing and MicroNutrient Meetings across the SciMax Territory last week. Beginning on Tuesday, Howard Haas graciously hosted SciMax clients and MaxYield Agronomy Specialists at his farm west of Algona and Tim Tusha hosted the east area meeting at his farm west of Garner .

The meetings were led by Winfield Solutions Plant Nutrition Specialist, Mark Heineman. Mark commented that our weather is having the biggest impact on the nutrients that are available to our plants. Both last summer and this spring dry conditions and wet conditions are effecting what our plants are able to take up. “Our soils are telling us we have a sufficient amount of nutrients but through tissue testing, our plants are telling us something different.”

Tissue testing is a main piece of the puzzle that can help us increase our return on investment. There are three ways nutrients are getting into our roots; mass flow, diffusion and root interception. We need to make our nutrients readily available to our plants and feed our plants throughout the growing season.

Through data we have seen over the past 4 years, at SciMax, we recommend applying 1 quart of Max-In ZMB along with 1 pint Max-In Boron to corn from the V4-V6 stages.

SciMax Solutions Specialist Eric Goodman and Winfield Solutions Business Manager Brian Thilges provided a spray table demonstration to the groups. Not only was the table showcasing the effects of different nozzles on droplet size but the effects of the adjuvant, Interlock® from Winfield Solutions. This product improves spray deposition on intended targets and reduces spray drift.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meetings, and a special thank you Winfield Solutions for your help!