Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Multi Hybrid Planting

This is a booming topic in precision agriculture. Recent agricultural research is demonstrating that placing specific hybrids at optimum zones in a field can significantly increase overall yield. Soil type, fertility, drainage, past yield history, and other field characteristics play a role in final yield. These variables have been used when defining management zones within fields with SciMax clients and now we are taking it one step further.

This year SciMax, along with partner Precision Ag Systems of West Bend, has planted some research trial fields with two different hybrids in the recommendation along with different population ranges.

With a growing number of hybrids and varieties, farmers in the future will have the option to switch between hybrids and maximize soil resources. A particular hybrid may reach its maximum yield potential in the A or B zones, but due to certain field characteristics another hybrid might be a better choice for the C zone.

This technology has many advantages, but also will make planting a little more complicated. Ordering seed and delivering seed to the planter will need to be detailed and fine tuned in order to capitalize on this.

Setting the combine when harvesting when entering into each different hybrid will be a challenge as well. We feel that these disadvantages will be outweighed by the positives though or other technologies will arise to help take care of or correct this.

This is a developing technology that needs to be analyzed, but it is important to have local data to decide for ourselves. Kinze is the only company that currently has a planter on the market with other companies looking into it with near future releases.

As you can see in the pictures, this field was planted with two different hybrids, one being Croplan and the other Dekalb. Depending on the hybrid, there were different populations planted as well. We will be tracking these fields throughout the growing season and giving updates on their progress. Scimax Map #1Scimax Map #2Scimax Map #3