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Planting Survey Results

Here are the results from our recent planting summary email survey I sent out. Thank you to everyone who responded.


0-10% planted:  31 clients        Most of this category are at 0% planted

 10-20% planted: 16 clients

 20-30% planted: 4 clients

 30%+ planted:  3 clients              Highest percent planted is 36%



2 Fields planted, tomorrow is the insurance date for soybeans



The highest % corn planted in Iowa is over West from West Bend to Spencer

The highest % corn planted overall is in Indiana and Ohio.  I talked with my father today and he is 90% completed in NW Ohio and in his area he said that 75% of corn is planted.  There are around 5% of beans planted there as well.

A client that has acres in Indiana as well as MN, IA has 50% of his corn acres planted as of today in Indiana.

The sun is drying things out.  Please take your time, as planting is the most important pass and you only get one chance.

Thank you for your business. Have a safe week.



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