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SciMax Advantage, Part II

SciMax SolutionsLast month we introduced Mike and Brian Riggert. Mike and Brian are SciMax Solutions clients who we will be following throughout the growing season to provide updates on what they see as their SciMax Advantage.

Throughout the year, the Riggert brothers have multiple contacts with their SciMax Solutions Specialists, MaxYield Agronomy Specialists and other SciMax clients.

Last fall, the brothers utilized the SciMax Nitrogen program. Anhydrous was variable rate applied last fall based on actual removal rates plus a management zone to build available nitrogen. Early spring, MaxYield Seed Solutions Specialist Dan Stokes worked with them to finalize their seed plans for the 2013 growing season. In February, they attended the SciMax Learning Seminar in Des Moines where they were able to spend time with other SciMax clients and hear industry updates. Later that month Mike, his wife Steph and Brian joined other SciMax clients and SciMax Solutions Specialists on a trip to Florida for the Commodity Classic. While in Florida the group was able to tour the Mosaic Phosphate Mine.

In March Janie Imming and Dan Stokes met with them to go over variable rate planting recommendations. After using the yield data and soil maps, Brian and Mike were able to make adjustments to the management zones. Early in April, Janie met with them to load the recs into their 20/20 monitor, went over their SciMax Field Information book and discussed trials that they were doing. One of the new trials is soil sampling one field on 1.6 acre grids as opposed to the traditional 2.5 acre grids.

Throughout the growing season, we will be tracking their Luedtke farm. This 143 acre field is located in Lotts Creek township.

A flat rate of MicroEssentials (12-40-0-10s-1z) and Potash (0-0-60) was applied when the field was strip-tilled along with the anhydrous for the SciMax Nitrogen program. This field has been on a corn following soybeans rotation for many years. MicroEssentials and Potash are variable rate applied to cornstalks during the fall before soybeans are planted to account for the fields variability. Variable rate planting is used on this field.

After planting we will provide many more updates on this field to show everyone Mike and Brian Riggert’s SciMax Advantage!