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SciMax Advantage: Planting Update

SciMax Planting

Mike and Brian Riggert, planting their Luedtke farm, near Whittemore, IA

Brian and Mike Riggert were finally able to get back into the field last week. The Luedtke farm, which we will be following throughout the growing season was planted on Wednesday, May 15th.

The Riggert’s variable rate planted three hybrids, on the field. Those hybrids were Croplan 5415 SS, Dekalb 55-09 SS and Croplan 5237 SS. Conditions were nearly perfect at planting. Max Start P at 2 lbs./ac. (14N-40P-6K-.14Cu-.4Fe-.1Mn-.14Zn) starter fertilizer was also applied at planting.

Anhydrous was applied in the fall of 2012 according to a recommendation from SciMax Nitrogen. The minimum N rate was 60 lbsN and maximum was 110 lbsN with an average across the field of 70.8 lbsN.

Mike also strip-tilled in ESN on the east side of the farm following the SciMax N recommendation, this is why the VR planting rec is a flat rate on the east side.

MicroEssentials (24-80-0-20S-2Zn) at 200 lbs. total product was applied last fall, along with 125 lbs. total product of Potash. The Luedtke farm has been rotated corn following soybeans for many years.

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