Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Should you stop the planter to spray?

By Greg Sweeney, MaxYield Seed team leader

From east to west conditions vary greatly this spring. Some have finished planting corn and others haven’t even turned a wheel yet.

The seed in the ground will not be doing much this week as soil temps vary from mid 40’s to low 50’s as of Sunday. It will be very important to assess stands to evaluate replant situations. For those who have not been able to plant, maturity changes should not be made until around May 20th, and only later than 105 day corn should be reduced. Once conditions improve, it’ll be fast and furious until the finish.

One piece of advice that I have from the southern U.S. where resistant Palmer Amaranth is prevalent; if you can’t get a residual pre-plant herbicide put down on soybean ground in the timeframe that is needed, STOP the planter. Yes, I did say that, stop the planter and let the sprayer catch up. This is the start of having a fighting chance of having clean fields, and your only chance to start clean and stay clean.