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Soil Moisture Update 4-30-2012

The amount of moisture in the subsoil has moved closer to the long-term normal for much of NW Iowa. Winter and spring precipitations have helped to refill our soil profile.

The average soil moisture levels on April 15 for most NW Iowa counties are around 7” of water stored in the top five feet of the soil profile. Average spring soil moisture levels have been closer to 10” in recent years. Typically our soils can hold from 10 to 11 inches of moisture in the top five feet of soil.

Corn and soybean crops require 22 to 25 inches of soil moisture to produce an average crop, with nearly 18” of that coming from summer rainfall from May to mid-September.  Even though our soil moisture’s have improved, the 2012 crop will be dependent on the much needed summer rainfalls.

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