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Tanner Bohman, SciMax Intern

Tanner Bohman completed his junior year at Iowa State University where he is majoring in Ag Studies with a minor in Agronomy and will be the SciMax intern for the summer. Tanner is a native of Alexander, Iowa where his family continues to farm. In his free time, Tanner enjoys several hobbies including golfing, fishing, and hunting. (If you see him doing this rather than working this summer please let me know!!)

Tanner will be interning and working with both SciMax and Latham’s with their Seed 2 Soil program this summer. With this busy schedule, you will be sure to see Tanner out working on projects. Be sure to welcome Tanner to the SciMax team when you see him!To contact Tanner, his email is or by phone at (515) 341-1249

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