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The SciMax advantage

MIke and Brian Riggerts

Mike (left) and Brian (right) Riggert farm near Whittemore and are SciMax Solutions clients. Mike and his wife Stephanie have three young boys.

This year we will be following clients, Mike and Brian Riggert to learn more about the advantages they see from being clients of SciMax Solutions.

Mike and Brian Riggert’s farm north of Whittemore in the Lotts Creek township, following in the footsteps of their grandfather, Herman Riggert, and father, Elmer. The brothers are graduates of Sentral High School (Mike in 1998 and Brian in 2000) and North Iowa Area Community College, where they studied agriculture and farm management.

The brothers began farming full-time right out of college and have been part of SciMax Solutions from the start. They each farm more than 1,000 acres, for a total of nearly 2,400 acres of corn and soybeans. They utilize grid sampling, yield monitoring, variable-rate technology for planting and fertilizer application, including nitrogen. They have participated in SciMax Nitrogen for five years and are active participants in the SciMax Learning Group.

The Riggert brothers commented that their favorite part of being in the learning group is being able to interact with like-minded growers and sharing ideas.

“What you put into SciMax is what you get out of it,” says Mike.

The Riggert’s meet with the SciMax team at least ten times per year. This includes on-farm visits, large grower meeting every winter in Des Moines, three or four grower meetings, fertility update meetings and shop talks in the early spring.

Mike and Brian work directly with SciMax Solutions Specialist, Janie Imming and MaxYield Cooperative Central Area Seed Solutions Specialist, Dan Stokes. With the help of these two, Mike and Brian determine where they would like to do any trials. In 2012, Riggerts did a fungicide trial. They have also done populations trials, and different rates of nitrogen. This year Brian and Mike will do strip trials of variable rate anhydrous versus ESN.

An advantage that they have seen with SciMax Nitrogen is that they are placing the nutrients where they are needed and not just guessing. Instead of 150 pounds of nitrogen across the entire field, now they are applying rates from 50 to 200 pounds exactly where it is needed. Some of their fields they are still using the same amount of nitrogen, but they aren’t applying a flat rate anymore.

“In the last couple years, variable rate fertilizer application has been very valuable. We’re now looking at removal rate, based on yield. So now we are replacing the nutrients that we have removed and building up the nutrient levels where they are low,” explains Mike. “SciMax gives you a reason to do something different and try new solutions, because you can ana-lyze the data a lot better.”

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