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Tissue Sampling; What's the Fuss About?

Tissue sampling is a useful tool in determining proper micronutrient uptake in plants at different stages of growth. Tissue sampling takes place three times with corn, V4-6, V-14 (tassel) and R2. With soybeans, sampling takes place at V-3, R1, and at pod fill. Tissue samples verify the amount of micronutrients (zinc, boron, sulfur, manganese, copper, iron and manganese) and macronutrients (phosphorus, potash, and nitrogen) plants have available.

Once the SciMax specialists take the samples, results will be determined in 4-5 days. The data gathered through tissue sampling is useful information that cannot be accomplished through soil testing or yield measuring. Tissue sampling can be utilized as a risk management tool. By checking the nutrient levels, you can be proactive, add the nutrients that are lacking and properly allow plants to produce protein.

Micronutrients play a vital role in plant development. Being proactive and knowledgeable about the levels of micronutrients will increase the health and productivity of your crop.

Each micronutrient plays a different role is sustaining plant growth:


  • Determines fruit size and root massAssists in protein synthesis
  • Promotes seed/grain formation and plant maturity
  • Needed on soils with high phosphorus levels and soils with high pH levels
  • Aids growth regulation and enzyme systems

In the past, 92% of SciMax corn tissue test results have indicated zinc micronutrient deficiency.


  • Helps transport vital sugars through plant membranes
  • Promotes proper cell division and development
  • Supports nitrogen and phosphorus use in plants
  • Necessary for cell division and differentiation


  • Required for photosynthesis
  • Necessary for seed and chlorophyll production
  • Essential for protein synthesis in small grains


  • Aids in energy transfer
  • Supports flowering and fruit set
  • Required for chlorophyll formation


  • Crucial for phosphorus and magnesium uptake
  • Promotes plant health
  • Necessary in photosynthesis
  • Essential for soybean nodulation and nitrogen utilization


  • Imperative for converting atmospheric nitrogen into plant-usable nitrogen
  • Supports pollen production

To learn more about tissue sampling and micronutrients, contact your SciMax solutions specialist team.

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