Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Update from the field

As a continuation from this summer’s Learning Group Spotlight, each week we will feature another SciMax client and their ‘Update from the Field’ throughout harvest. This week Peter Bixel will start us off!
Depending on the rain, Peter has been seeing averages per field from 80-193 Bu/Ac in the eastern MaxYield territory where they are also fighting down corn from a storm in July. Some growers have to combine one way. The Des Moines area has seen a lot of corn harvest take place with averages ranging 40-140 Bu/Ac. The Iowa Falls area is just getting started and Peter says Minnesota is still 2-3 weeks from harvest.

Tillage has also started and where yields were poor, the ground is really black from the lack of trash. The ground is pretty dry making tillage somewhat tough in some areas and other areas look like they are ready to plant. Peter strongly recommends starting harvest if your corn is in the low 20% moistures.

After last week’s wind and rain storm, stalks are lodged so be sure to harvest before you lose any yield. He has also seen quite a difference in hybrids this year and fungicide/insecticide applications are paying off again this year.

The level of field management that SciMax helps clients do has paid off. Rootworm beetles are also high in numbers and this may cause issues in corn on corn next year with the eggs they are currently laying even if an insecticide was sprayed.

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