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VIP Grower Session at the Britt, IA Answer Plot

Recently, MaxYield Cooperative and SciMax Solutions hosted our VIP Grower Session at the WinField Answer Plot west of Britt, IA.

Steve Barnhart, WinField Regional Agronomist, compared our conditions to 1988 as having similar heat but much higher humidity levels than the 15% readings in 1988. We also have improved genetics and traits that have helped us to where our crops are at this point. Pollination was a success for much of Northwest and North Central Iowa, but now is key for moisture to fill kernels to black layer and fill/retain pods in soybeans.

Spider mites continue to grow in numbers in both corn and soybeans, making timing and selection of insecticides crucial. Spider mite eggs will hatch every 7 days, making them impossible to control with any insecticide and making continuous scouting important. Steve also added that corn stalks will be weaker this year after the stress and harvesting early will pay off. He suggested for growers to begin corn harvest at 25% moisture.


Mark Heineman, WinField Plant Nutrition Specialists, expressed the need for nutrients at different stages for corn plants which led to the discussion of micro-nutrients. The Answer Plot trials with micro-nutrients, such as MaxIn Ultra ZMB applied on corn at V5 stage, showed plant height and plant color differences which will be supported by yields this fall. The application of MaxIn products has been proven as a needed application by recent years of tissue sample results.

Also joining us on Friday was WinField Executive and COO, Mike Vande Logt. He explained the company’s $20 million investment in nearly 200 Answer Plots across the United States, making it the largest research project in the country. The last topic Mike mentioned is the advancement in new genetics. Thirty percent of all seed production is going to new genetics for Croplan Genetics by WinField, compared to ten percent normally.

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