Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Where’s the corn?

By Karl Setzer, MaxYield Cooperative Grain Analyst

This year’s corn crop is going to go down in the record books as the largest in history. While some regions of the Corn Belt had lower yields, many have seen their largest crops ever. This was verified in the latest supply and demand report where nine states reported record corn yields.

The question now is where this corn is being held? There are very few corn piles being reported across the Corn Belt this year. Producers are taking this as a sign corn yields were not as great as reports indicate. This is not an accurate assumption. Last year, several commercial elevators went into harvest nearly full of old crop corn. This created congestion right at harvest with both old and new crop entering the supply line. Another difference this year is that fewer producers sold corn right out of the field due to lower values. On-farm stored corn was at an all-time low last year. This year, producers have opted to fill their own storage rather than sell or deliver to commercial terminals.

A down side of this could be quality issues later in the marketing year. This year’s corn was wetter than normal, and had more fines and foreign material than usual. As a result, we could easily see damage occur if this grain is not monitored properly. The easiest way to prevent this is to properly corn farm stored grain, and run aeration systems when weather conditions are favorable. These are mainly on cool days with low humidity. Remember, quality loss is revenue loss.