Information Management to Maximize Your Yields

Soil Sampling

How much variability is there in your fields?

20131009_maxyield_104 compSciMax Grid Soil Sampling is the place to start – it’s the proven method to better define your fields.

Crops don’t grow without the right nutrients, but how do you know where your return on investment is highest? Many farmers are just barely maintaining their nutrient levels; others are even mining those nutrients from parts of their fields due to flat rate spreading and increasing yields. Understanding your soil conditions is your first step.

Better placements equal better yields

When you sign up for SciMax Grid Soil Sampling, your SciMax Solutions Specialist will visit your fields and obtain grid samples in 2.5-acre grids. Those samples are sent to our exclusive certified lab where they are thoroughly analyzed. This process insures quality and consistent results with a quick turnaround.

We create fertility maps of your data and customize a fertilizer recommendation plan for your operation which informs you where you need fertilizer and how much you’ll need.

Find out how to make grid soil sampling work for your farm by contacting your SciMax Solutions Specialist today.


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