Information Management to Maximize Your Yields


LOCAL Data is the key to better yields

The global arena of agriculture is full of buzz about the importance of big data. But, would you rather have “Big Data,” or Better Data?

20140128_maxyield_093 (1024x681)Data that’s relevant to your region, your farm, your soil is the data that makes the difference – tipping the future of your farm in favor of maximized yields and optimal profitability.

Better data makes a difference in your profitability

Our SciMax Solutions Specialists offer one-on-one support, along with customized analysis to help you reduce risk, fine-tune utilization, and increase profitability.

  • Grid Soil Sampling – gives you a field-by-field, customized action plan for better fertilizer placement and utilization in your fields
  • Variable Rate Planting – creates population prescriptions based on your past yield history, genetics, fertility, and many more factors
  • Nitrogen Management – puts the science into nitrogen management, placing the right amount, on the right acre, at the right time
  • Learning Group – Share information and insights with your forward thinking peers and create a synergy that will take your farm management skills to a whole new level.


Choose the “Better Data” difference – Contact your SciMax Solutions Specialist today.